Will all my personal information be protected and secure in a tele-rehabilitation session?


All personal information you provide is confidential and is stored securely, just as it would be if you attended an in-person physiotherapy session. No part of the video session will be recorded or stored without your express consent.

Will all my personal information be protected and secure in a tele-rehabilitation session?2020-03-24T22:47:37-07:00

Are there risks with tele-rehabilitation?


The main risk for tele-rehabilitation is regarding personal privacy. Please know that all information is securely stored and remains part of your clinical chart, which is protected by law to remain confidential. If any physical injury or medical emergency should occur during your session, your physiotherapist will act appropriately to alert the necessary people, including [...]

Are there risks with tele-rehabilitation?2020-03-24T22:47:24-07:00

What kind of treatment is provided through tele-rehabilitation?


Examples of services that can be provided by tele-rehabilitation include, but are not limited to, education and instruction, monitoring your progress with a treatment program, instructing self mobilization and tissue release strategies, evaluating quality of movement and movement dysfunction, evaluating and correcting exercise performance, supervising exercise programs, or meetings with your health-care team. Hands-on treatment [...]

What kind of treatment is provided through tele-rehabilitation?2020-03-24T22:47:12-07:00

Will tele-rehabilitation offer the same quality of care I would get in person?


Absolutely! Physiotherapists are required to meet the same Standards of Practice regardless of how physiotherapy services are delivered; so in short - yes! You will receive the same expert Cypress care as if you were seeing one of our therapists in person. Most of what happens in a physiotherapy clinic includes your physiotherapist asking you [...]

Will tele-rehabilitation offer the same quality of care I would get in person?2020-03-24T22:46:57-07:00

What conditions is tele-rehabilitation appropriate for?


Most issues are appropriate for tele-rehabilitation; if more information is required from a physical examination your physiotherapist will discuss this with you. Tele-rehabilitation is particularly helpful when you require an expert opinion for acute injury management, to answer questions regarding your current treatment plan, teach self mobilizing or release work, to modify an existing program, [...]

What conditions is tele-rehabilitation appropriate for?2020-03-25T12:40:00-07:00

Why do I need tele-rehabilitation?


Tele-rehabilitation is quick and convenient. For those BC residents who are confined to their homes, who are at risk in the community, or who have difficulty fitting in face to face appointments, it allows access to the highest standard of physiotherapy care possible with Cypress. It allows you to save time as the appointment can [...]

Why do I need tele-rehabilitation?2020-03-24T22:46:17-07:00

What is Tele-rehabilitation?


As a patient it is the use of information or communication technology to connect via audio and/or video to receive physiotherapy services at a distance when an in-person visit is not possible. During this COVID-19 crisis, it will allow you to connect with your Cypress therapist and have access to the same high quality expertise [...]

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