Most issues are appropriate for tele-rehabilitation; if more information is required from a physical examination your physiotherapist will discuss this with you.
Tele-rehabilitation is particularly helpful when you require an expert opinion for acute injury management, to answer questions regarding your current treatment plan, teach self mobilizing or release work, to modify an existing program, or to progress exercises to continue improving.
Tele-rehabilitation may be appropriate to have new issues initially and quickly assessed, so you can start feeling better, faster, without having to have an in-person appointment. However, some issues do require an in-person assessment to best understand your needs.
The service can help you access physiotherapy services that are not available in your community, or allow for consultation between your physiotherapist and another health care provider.
Individuals who wish to work with a physiotherapist for concussions, active aging, pelvic health concerns, pre-habilitation, body maintenance, movement dysfunction and exercise based treatments will find tele-rehabilitation particularly helpful and convenient.

If you are unsure as to whether your issues are appropriate for a tele-rehabilitation session, please contact us via email [email protected] with your questions, or to book a free 10-minute discovery session.