Shawna Murray

Registered Physiotherapist, BScPT, FCAMPT, Gunn IMS, Acupuncture, Vestibular, Women’s Health

Shawna believes in the resilience of the human body and its ability to adapt well to injury given the right nurturing and she is passionate about working with clients to help them through this process. She enjoys helping women from pregnancy to menopause in dealing with the issues that can develop for them during various stages of their lives. She has a special interest in optimizing functions for running athletes. Shawna uses an individualized, holistic approach to treatment including education, exercise, manual therapy, IMS, acupuncture and real time ultrasound (for assessing the abdominal and pelvic floor muscle function).

Shawna graduated from the UBC School of Rehabilitation Medicine in 1998. She became a Fellow of the Canadian Association of Manual and Manipulative Therapists in 2004, completed her Certificate in Medical Acupuncture in 2006 and became a Certified Gunn IMS practitioner in 2013. She also has training in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Women’s Health, Running Gait Analysis, Peripartum care and is a Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor. Shawna worked as an assistant on the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy courses and assisted in the Anatomy lab for physiotherapy students for several years.

When not at work Shawna loves spending time with family and friends, walking, running, hiking, skiing, kayaking, gardening, reading, cooking, learning and traveling.

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