Vestibular Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an effective, evidence-based approach to help you recover from dizziness or vertigo episodes.

Physiotherapy can help you reduce dizziness and vertigo, improve your balance, reduce your fall risk, and improve your ability to see clearly during head movement.

Working with the physiotherapy team at Cypress Physiotherapy in North Vancouver is an excellent tool to help you manage dizziness and vertigo and improve your function. During the appointment, we will provide an assessment that is individually tailored to you. This will include gathering a detailed history from you to inform the assessment and treatment. From there, Cypress physiotherapists in North Vancouver will perform a detailed assessment of all the factors that could be contributing to your dizziness including your vestibular system. This process will help us develop a rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific individual needs.

Depending on the assessment findings, your rehabilitation plan may include manual therapy, vestibular repositioning maneuvers, visual exercises, visual-vestibular integration exercises, and balance exercises.

By understanding the anatomical underpinnings of how the vestibular system works, we can selectively employ the right techniques and create a sustainable and effective care plan to help you get back to participating in the things and activities that you love without dizziness or vertigo.

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