A higher level of physiotherapy care begins with listening to you.

That’s why all sessions are 1 on 1 sessions with a registered therapist so you can be confident in knowing you’ll always receive our fully focused and undivided attention.

At Cypress you’re more than a client, you are the reason we exist. We don’t leave you in a room while your therapist tries to treat several other people at the same time. We don’t hook you up to a machine and leave. And we don’t encourage you to book unnecessary appointments.

We take the time to listen to you and address your concerns. All sessions are one on one and either 30 or 60 minutes long. Your entire appointment is focused on you and your recovery plan. Whether you want to optimize your health, increase your athletic performance, realize your personal potential, or live pain-free, let our experts at Cypress get you back to the life you want to live.

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