Our Sports Physiotherapy Services In North Vancouver

Our North Vancouver Sports physiotherapists at Cypress Physio have extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, sports, injury prevention, management, and rehabilitation. This allows them to actively support you throughout a variety of sports or recreational activities.

An athlete receiving sports physiotherapy in North Vancouver

Consulting a sports physiotherapist can be beneficial if you have recently experienced an injury, have reoccurring injuries, want to prevent injuries or are planning to return to sport after an injury or surgery. Our physiotherapists in our North Vancouver physiotherapy clinic can work with a wide range of athletic levels and with a variety of sports.

Our North Vancouver sports physiotherapists can work with you for many different reasons.

They can help to provide you with injury prevention protocols by assessing injury risk with different sports-specific tests and assessments. This provides insights into your movement patterns in a variety of sport-specific movements and the physiotherapist will use the information to guide an injury prevention treatment program.

The information can also be shared and communicated with important members of the athlete’s healthcare team such as the coaches and strength and conditioning coaches to get everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal for the client.

When injuries do occur, our physiotherapists are able to respond to acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries.

Hockey athlete receiving sports physiotherapy

What to Expect During Your Appointment Regarding Injury or Sport Physiotherapy?

During the appointment, we will provide an assessment that is individually tailored to your injury and sport. This will include gathering a detailed history from you and spending some time to determine any underlying causes of your pain or dysfunction and its relation to your activities or sports.

From there, we will perform a detailed assessment which will involve looking at your specific injury and looking at sport or activity specific movements in relation to your injury.

This process will help us to diagnose your sports injury and develop a rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific individual needs. The rehabilitation plan will involve a variety of different physiotherapy treatment techniques such as manual therapy, IMS, taping and education.

Additionally, our North Vancouver physiotherapist team will use exercise therapy as a tool to help you regain general strength, endurance, and function after an injury. This will be transitioned into a progressive rehabilitation program which will continue to advance and help you to regain sport-specific function.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, you will be continually reassessed in order to provide you with feedback on your progression. Prior to returning to your sport or activity, your physiotherapist at the North Vancouver clinic will be able to run you through a return to sport testing in order to help guide you and your healthcare team through the decision-making process around safe return to play.

Functional testing often involves sport-specific tests and can help to determine if there are any new targets for the rehabilitation plan, observe your movement patterns, determine if you are experiencing any pain, and provide you with the confidence to return to sport.

Depending on the type of injury and the severity of the injury the recovery time may vary.

By understanding the orthopedic and biomechanical underpinnings of how the body works in sport and activity, we can selectively employ the right techniques and create a sustainable and effective care plan to help you get back to full, and pain-free functioning and participating in sports and activities that you love.

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